Volunteer Placements

Help provide local food, enhance an urban wildlife area and improve the space for the community! Please read all the info below before applying.

If the online form at the above link fails to work and you need an emailed or paper version or if you have any questions not covered here, please get in touch.

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Covid 19 Measures

Volunteering is specifically exempt from national lockdown measures. Please read the pdf at this link carefully to understand how volunteering will operate during the pandemic.

When can I volunteer?

Wednesdays 9:30-3pm
Fridays 9:30-3pm

Benefits to You

Get the great feeling of making a difference, being outdoors, learning new skills and meeting new people. Gain experience of organic growing and site maintenance to add to your CV. Certificates can be issued to confirm your time with us.

Benefits to the Community

Share your knowledge, experience and energy and help preserve this fantastic urban green space for generations to come. Grow local food and help maintain the community’s connection with nature & wildlife.


Planting, harvesting, watering, digging, weeding, cutting back, mowing and hedge trimming. We also need help with publicity, supporting others to volunteer, fund-raising, machinery maintenance, site design, forest gardening, permaculture and any other skills you think would help.


Please complete the form linked to at the top of the page.

Once you’ve submitted the form, we will let you know the outcome within a couple of weeks. If your application is shortlisted, we will arrange for you to come for a trial session to get to know the place and people, talk through health and safety, and participate in tasks.

This gives you an opportunity to see if volunteering at the farm is right for you before you commit to a full placement. It also enables us to give you some feedback. Once this day is complete, we will ask you to complete a volunteer agreement before commencing regular work at the farm. If for any reason we think volunteering at the farm will not be suitable for you, we will notify you.

Can anyone volunteer?

We encourage anyone to apply but during the Covid19 outbreak there are only limited placements owing to social distancing measures. Long term, we aim to make our services accessible to as wide a range of the public as possible. If we can’t accommodate you at this time we will be in touch in the future when we have more capacity.

We are also committed to ensuring that every volunteer is treated fairly regardless of age, disability, ethnic origin, marital or parental status, political belief, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

Can I just turn up, without applying?

We’re afraid not. Our staff will need to prepare for your visit to be sure you are well looked after and to be able to put your support to best use.

We have an application process for our volunteer placements. This process involves collecting important information from you so that we can ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time.

Is there a minimum time commitment?

The first session you attend will enable you to decide whether you would like to pursue a full placement. Ideally, we like our volunteers to commit to a minimum of a day each week for a minimum of two months. However, as long as you can commit to 8 days in total, we can be flexible about when you come to the farm.

Preparation checklist

  • Gloves – During the Covid19 outbreak we recommend you bring your own work gloves. Otherwise we will give you a pair of gloves that only you will use during your placement, that you will take home and bring back each session. There is also the option of disposables to wear underneath work gloves.
  • Water – Please bring a bottle of drinking water or other drink. There is no drinking water on site.
  • Pack-lunch – If you will be volunteering for a full session, please bring a packed lunch with you.
  • Weather appropriate clothing – Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. If it’s raining, obviously wet weather clothing will be needed. If it’s sunny, please use sunblock and wear a hat.
  • Sturdy footwear – If you have steel toecap boots, we recommend you wear them, otherwise wear strong footwear such as walking boots. We can provide boots if you don’t have your own.


  • Tools
  • Gloves if needed
  • Boots if needed
  • Compost toilet
  • Shelter


Facilities on the farm are fairly basic. There is a cabin if we need to shelter at any time. We have a compost loo that is clean and tidy.

Wet weather

Light drizzle won’t effect tasks but on days with heavy, persistent rain it is best to come another day!

Volunteering for all

Please note that volunteering opportunities for less able people and the disabled are limited at the moment as the farm’s site is not very accessible to wheelchairs and the facilities are basic. We will be working on this to ensure opportunities for all in the future. If you have a disability and would like to volunteer, please contact us for more details at volunteer@hcf.org.uk

Click here for directions to the farm.